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Our goals

The reuse of building components and materials reduces construction waste, conserves resources, saves gray energy and reduces CO 2 emissions. It shifts economic activities to a local circular economy and thus makes an ecological, social and economic contribution to the built environment.

The aim of the association is to promote reuse throughout Switzerland, in particular by:

  • promoting the use of used components and materials
    in construction projects
  • the organization of a network of mutual assistance and
  • the visualization of the actors of reuse
  • The dissemination and communication of these practices to a wider audience.
All those interested in reuse can become members of the association with the following annual fee:
  • Individual membership: CHF 50
  • Companies, schools, institutions: CHF 150
  • Benefactor membership: CHF 250
  • Donation: open
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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of eleven elected members who collectively set the strategic vision for the association. They represent a range of stakeholders involved in reuse and are elected annually at the General Assembly. They are all volunteers and without their commitment the work of the association would not be possible.
Benjamin Poignon

Benjamin Poignon, Co-President - baubüro in situ

Completed his double degree in architecture and civil engineering in Lyon in 2014 (INSA-ENSA) and then worked as a construction manager and architect first in Lyon and then in Paris, where he co-founded the "Collectif Pourquoi Pas?!". He specialized in circular construction and reuse in Paris and set up the "Bricologis" workshop near Lyon in 2016. Since 2018, he is a collaborator at the construction office in situ in Zurich.

Barbora Starovicova

Barbora hat einen Master-Abschluss in Holzbau von der Technischen Universität Zvolen (Slowakei) und verfügt über 6 Jahre umfassende Erfahrung in diesem Bereich, vor allem als Projektleiterin. Seit 2016 ist sie Teil der Berner Fachhochschule am Departement Architektur, Bauingenieurwesen und Holz in Biel/Bienne. Hier hat sie sich als Forscherin auf die Entwicklung von Holzwerkstoffen, Holzmodifikationen und Projekte im Zusammenhang mit der Kreislaufwirtschaft konzentriert.

Alma Johansson

She is an architect from Berlin. After studying at the TU-Berlin with a focus on urban design, she came to Zurich in 2002 and switched to representing building owners in 2007. She first worked in consulting for building cooperatives then for the canton of Zurich. She is currently developing an Innosuisse project with the Bern University of Applied Sciences on digital methods to promote the continued use of existing buildings.

Prof. Corentin Fivet - EPFL

Corentin holds a master's degree in civil engineering and a doctorate in engineering from UCLouvain, Belgium. In 2016, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Architecture and Structural Design at the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering of Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, where he leads the Structural Xploration Lab, a research and teaching laboratory that studies the design of building systems for architecture.

Arabelle de Saussure - ETHZ

Arabelle is a researcher and responsible for industry liaison at the Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA) at ETH Zurich. She graduated from EPFL in 2018 with a degree in civil engineering. Later, she worked in Zurich as a civil engineer as well as a consultant for sustainable construction. In 2022, she moved to the CEA.

Olivier de Perrot - Salza

Olivier is a qualified architect ETH SIA. With his architectural office "Olivier de Perrot Architecture" in Zurich, he shapes projects for the conversion and new construction of single-family and multi-family houses, gastronomy buildings as well as settlement design and district planning. With the internet platform "Salza" he wants to promote and further advance the reuse of building components in Swiss architecture and design.


Sarah Ackermann - Coordinator

Christine Megert - Administration

Lydia Shuker - Accountant (Overall Foundation)

2022 Annual Report
Includes an overview of activities during the reporting period, financial results, and the approved budget for the following year 2023.
2020 and 2021 Annual Report
Includes an overview of activities during the reporting period, financial results, and the approved budget for the following year 2022.
Statutes of the association
This document establishes the legal framework for the Cirkla Association, including the objectives and responsibilities of the operational bodies, including the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting.
We call on all players in the construction industry to join us in spreading these values and implementing this manifesto.