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Cirkla is the association of all actors of reuse.

Organizations, companies, the public sector and private individuals pool their energies and bring together demand, supply and know-how.

We make reuse visible.

Organized geographically and by category, professionals, experts, universities, companies and individuals who have experience with reuse are listed for contact.

What we do.

We support the practical implementation of reuse in construction and also work on the policy and regulatory context to encourage large-scale adoption.

Through our online platform, we provide tools including our reuse map that makes stakeholders visible, a showcase for reuse projects and a library of resources.

Through the association's other activities, we bring people together through online and face-to-face events, informal exchanges, working groups and consultations.

Access to resources.

Components & materials
Visit these online platforms and web stores to find and buy reused building elements.
Training & further education
Here you will find details of education and training in the reuse of materials in construction, including masters programs, professional certificates and online courses.
Reuse & the SIA phases
This leaflet "Reuse of building components" serves as a guide for construction professionals and clients and provides an important basis for circular construction projects. for circular construction projects.
Standards are an important instrument for facilitating cooperation and communication between the various links in the value chain.
Here you will find resources ranging from practical manuals to scientific research, as well as information on the local and national state of reuse in Switzerland.
Here you will find the latest consultations on the reuse of materials in Switzerland.
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Together we are strong

All reuse stakeholders are invited to join Cirkla. Support our work and participate in the development of reuse in Switzerland.

Network partners

This online platform was developed on behalf of the FOEN.