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Throughout Switzerland, builders, architects, planners, construction companies and craftsmen have already begun implementing an impressive series of projects that showcase reuse. Check them out here and don't hesitate to contact those involved for more information.
Container pavilion height:100%

Container pavilion

Hardgutstrasse 7, 8048 Zurich, Switzerland

Two-story temporary container, which was formerly used as a school pavilion in Wädenswil

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Four artist studios height:100%

Four artist studios

Turmstrasse, 8952 Schlieren, Switzerland

Reversible intervention in listed substance, 4 artist studios with max. share of reused building components

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Häxenhüsli height:100%


Höhenweg 2, 8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland

A nearly 170-year-old house is disassembled into 20,000 individual parts and reassembled in a completely different location

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Apartment house Dornacherstrasse height:100%

Apartment house Dornacherstrasse

Dornacherstrasse 49, 4053 Basel, Switzerland

Renovation instead of demolition and reused kitchens

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KREIS house height:100%


Oberschirmensee 16, 8714 Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

The project shows how a functioning circular economy can be implemented in buildings in a very small space.

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Pôle innovation height:100%

Pôle innovation

Rte de la Galaise 17, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland

The space was designed to offer a high degree of flexibility in its use.

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Les 6 toits height:100%

Les 6 toits

Av. de Châtelaine 43, 1203 Genève, Switzerland

Establishment of the cultural center "Les 6 toits" in Châtelaine, Geneva.

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DomaH height:100%


Av. des Gittaz 9, 1450 Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

A future-oriented cooperative

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ReUse Pavilion ETH height:100%

ReUse Pavilion ETH

Zum Pk. 5, 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland

Design Studios ReUse ETHZ

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ZERO Waste - Conversion TRANSA height:100%

ZERO Waste - Conversion TRANSA

Josefstrasse, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

What goes stays in - the rest is reused

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Conversion ELYS Kultur- & Gewerbehaus height:100%

Conversion ELYS Culture & Trade House

Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

Conversion of the existing Coop distribution center into cultural & commercial building

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Urban Bricolage: deconstruction, planning and construction with reused building materials. height:100%

Urban Bricolage: deconstruction, design and construction with reused building materials.

Bd de Pérolles 90, Bd de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

At the intersection of anthropology and architecture, this project explores the practical challenges of reuse.

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Henzihof height:100%


Brühlgrabenstrasse 5, 4500 Solothurn, Switzerland

Former hay warehouse

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L'archipel height:100%


Rue de l'Industrie 47, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

5000m2 in the heart of Sion to build together a more resilient future through social bonds and circular economy.

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K.118 - head building hall 118 height:100%

K.118 - Head building hall 118

Lagerpl. 24, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

On the former site of the Sulzer factory in Winterthur, the Swiss pension fund "Stiftung Abendrot" has erected a beacon for climate-friendly and sustainable construction that glows red in its reused profiled sheets.

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no image available height:100%

Mock up heavy duty wooden bridge

Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern, Switzerland

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4RnD Circular Construction Hub height:100%

4RnD Circular Construction Hub

Via Flora Ruchat-Roncati 15, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland

Eine Plattform für die Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Lösungen der Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bauwesen der Südschweiz. 4RnD ist ein Projekt des Instituts für Nachhaltigkeit im gebauten Umfeld im DACD-Bereich der SUPSI (Fachhochschule Südschweiz).

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no image available height:100%

Quartino, Ticino, 6572 Gambarogno, Switzerland

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