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SBB Resale is an offering from SBB's Infrastructure, Passenger Traffic, Cargo and Real Estate divisions.


Online platform


Hilfikerstrasse 3,
3014 Bern,


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About us

At SBB, when products or equipment are taken out of service, they are far from having reached the end of their life span. Simply throwing them away would be a waste. From both an ecological and an economic point of view. The online platform resale@sbb takes responsibility by selling used material from the railroad infrastructure. SBB Resale is a service offered by SBB's Infrastructure, Passenger Traffic, Cargo and Real Estate divisions. Together, we operate the densest rail network in Europe with the most punctual trains. We move people and goods and manage railroad stations. SBB places high demands on its rail infrastructure. We are not satisfied with normal products. We rely on special, technically recognized manufacturers and on innovative in-house developments and productions. We are on the move in a sustainable manner and make targeted use of our resources. That is why we give our vehicles, systems and products a second life wherever possible.

Type of products

Pioneer tools, electrical equipment, SBB scrap rails and many other products from our infrastructure are looking forward to new owners.