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Cities as raw material depots: a change of perspective that starts with design.




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About us

Our vision is to minimize the waste of resources in the construction and real estate industry in order to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future for people and the environment. Our mission is to record the materials in buildings, create a materials catalog and advise our clients on how to reuse existing materials in their construction projects in a sensible and CO2-saving way.


  • Analysis: We analyze the potential of reuse on sites, in projects or in buildings. After recording the customer's needs, we show possibilities for implementing reuse in a needs-oriented and target-oriented manner.
  • Strategy: We show ways how circular economy can successfully become part of the strategy (e.g. setback path). The connection of strategy and processes (SIA 102, BÖB, SIA 144) can become a decisive competitive advantage for our customers, we accompany them in these steps. The earlier the aspects of circular economy and reuse are taken into account in a project, the more successful its implementation. Our experience in large projects allows us to provide targeted support in the preparation and implementation of competitions & tenders. During the course of the project, we keep an eye on the most important indicators and provide a basis for decision-making, e.g. resource and CO2 balancing.
  • Organization & project support: We contribute our competencies in raising awareness on the topic of circular economy and reuse, e.g. at workshops. In partnership, we accompany teams of architects and planners (specialist planning) so that the implementation of reuse achieves the best possible results for all parties involved. We have a wealth of experience from projects that have already been implemented and share this knowledge, such as during visits to prime examples.
  • Inventory: By means of building or site inspections, we create inventories. We document the existing inventory with photos and then roughly categorize the components. When recommending the extent to which components should be reused, we attach great importance to knowing the needs of the client and the architects, e.g. in the case of replacement. We carry out a detailed survey of the components according to the potential analysis. With our project know-how we bring an added value in supporting the disassembly coordination & tendering.
  • Resource management: We responsibly take care of material coordination, procurement & sourcing. In doing so, we draw on our extensive network and welcome cooperation in a spirit of partnership, which is highly valued in terms of the circular economy.