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About us

ReWinner was founded in 2014 by Marina and Morgan Altman with the purpose of promoting the idea of a circular economy. It all started with a first shipment of building components to Latvia: Windows, tables, lavabos, doors and other building materials from the Laubegg retirement center in Zurich were transported to Latvia by truck and sold there at a low price. This experience led to the conviction that there was also a market for used components, furniture and other materials in Switzerland. Today, we mainly offer office furniture and interior fittings from medium and large companies that want to change their premises. Our buyers are private individuals, SMEs and other companies from Switzerland who appreciate high quality goods at modest prices and want to contribute to ecological management. ReWinner helps companies sell their redundant assets such as furniture, design objects and materials in a sustainable way. We work with facility management and other stakeholders involved in the building sector to ensure that products and materials find a new use.


  • For providers: For renovations, office moves or other space changes, we're here to help. We help your company conserve resources, reduce waste and benefit from additional revenue.
  • For buyers: We are also here for you if you are looking for low cost and high quality office furniture, design objects and materials. All products can be ordered on our online platform