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Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA) Lab

Research to match reused architectural materials and projects through digitization for the circular economy




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About us

The Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture (CEA) conducts research to adapt reused architectural materials and projects for the circular economy through digitization. Construction projects are often complex, multi-variant problems that are handled by numerous parties in separate silos. The construction industry can learn from other industries when it comes to adopting digital technologies and circular strategies. Automating the reuse of materials in architecture can bridge this gap by connecting stakeholders across the value chain. Image: Circular Engineering for Architecture Lab, ETH Zurich / Alexandre Attias

Research and education topics

  • Classification of facade images for the prediction of material quantities
  • Classification of interior images for prediction of material types
  • Building reuse heuristics - Which building components should we reuse?
  • Building elements as NFT's, new method to track and trace our buildings.
  • Towards a Swiss Standard for Circular Economy in the Built Environment (in cooperation with the Madaster Association)
  • Sheet metal material matching for reuse Building component analysis with Apple Lidar
  • Digital unbundling
  • Robotic AM joints for reuse steel components
  • Decentralized data marketplace for the construction industry
  • Blockchain technology for a circular economy in the Construction