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BTVZ - Bauteilvermittlung Zürichsee-Oberland

The component mediation Lake Zurich connects suppliers with buyers


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About us

The component exchange is not a component exchange and does not have a warehouse or a store. It is purely an intermediary and works as follows: Providers such as real estate owners, builders, tradesmen or architects place an advertisement on the website, inform the placement office by e-mail or telephone (on answering machine) that they still have usable objects available from a property that is to be converted or demolished. The BTVZ advertises these objects on its homepage and in the "Zürichseezeitung" under the heading "Märtplatz", to be given away. The interested party contacts the component placement office and then picks up the items directly from the provider or first dismantles them there. The Bauteilvermittlung Zürichsee-Oberland is the platform that mediates between suppliers and buyers of reusable components. Paper, cardboard, textiles and green waste have been collected separately for years, but components such as kitchen and bathroom equipment, fittings or intact doors and windows usually end up in landfill. For this reason, Bauteilvermittlung Zürichsee-Oberland has set itself the goal of ensuring that usable components from a demolition project or a property in need of renovation no longer end up in landfills, but are passed on to interested customers. In this way, resources are conserved and the life cycle of building materials is extended. The component mediation office was launched in the fall of 2001 as a pilot project of the Local Agenda 21 Stäfa association. It contributes to the reuse of furnishings, components and building materials from demolished buildings or properties that are being renovated. In this way, it contributes to waste reduction and promotes the circular economy.

Type of products

Doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom furnishings, built-in furniture, flooring, small materials such as fittings and hardware or remnants such as tiles, sand, paint etc.