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As a specialist planner, Zirkular supports institutional and private clients in the circular building process. We would like to encourage and stimulate interest in the diversity of circular building principles: For building on the existing, designing with what is already there, as well as adding new things for the future reusability of building components. Together we discover what is possible with what is there. We think, plan and consult to continue telling places and their stories. Zirkular grew out of the construction office in situ and was founded in the fall of 2020. Together with in situ, we look back on 25 years of commitment to sustainable building. Sustainable building needs new approaches to solutions. We inspire with ideas for building in a cycle and show how it's done: preserve the building stock, continue to use it, selectively add to it and thus keep resources in use as long as possible. In this way, we are reviving a tradition of building culture that is facing up to the future today.


  • The "urban mines" offer a hitherto hardly used potential for construction projects of all sizes. We inspect objects such as factory halls or apartment buildings and, based on our expertise and experience and experience a potential analysis of the reuse. - Potential analysis - Report and process description on the recovery of components - Digital material passport - Coordination of removal and placement As specialist planners ReUse we support you in the planning and implementation of a long-lasting building, in new construction as well as in reconstruction. We search for and mediate reused components and materials using our digital tools and create detailed solutions according to the principle of "Design for Disassembly" - so that components used today are available for future buildings. - Accompany and control the design process - Search and procurement of components - Mastering regulatory and normative requirements - Competition support - Preparation of life cycle assessments - Design for disassembly The circular design process with reused components follows a different sequence than a linear construction project. We plan building projects of different sizes and complexity in terms of reuse and enable them to realize their project in a sustainable way. - Develop concept of reuse - Accompanying strategy decision ReUse - Process planning ReUse - Preparation of schedule and cost programs - Insurance and legal issues Based on our expertise, we plan and accompany competitions with regard to reuse and evaluate the corresponding designs. In order to ensure comparability in the competitions in accordance with the legal requirements, we develop project-specific evaluation criteria and component catalogs. - Process planning competition with reuse - Selection and inclusion of components in catalog - Evaluation and expertise with regard to the designs The processes of recycling and reuse present the construction industry with multifaceted challenges. We accompany educational institutions in these issues with lectures and workshops and offer research institutions the opportunity to collaborate. - Research partner ReUse - Cooperation in teaching - lectures - workshops