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The mission of Matériuum is to preserve natural resources by promoting the reuse of materials and developing the reuse chain in Switzerland. The main objective of Matériuum is to promote the reuse of materials from the fields of culture and art. Culture and construction. These materials come from associations, companies or institutions. This goal is achieved through a resource store and services offered to the general public. Public is offered. As the resource store is the physical location of our association, it creates connections and unites around the topic on this topic. Matériuum is also active in disseminating information about reuse. Through workshops, awareness, studies, exhibitions or other didactic means.


  • Consulting and expertise Matériuum accompanies you in all your projects to circulate the path of the material and limit your impact on both incoming and outgoing flows. These services are aimed at construction companies, architects, property owners, housing cooperatives, municipalities, cultural institutions and all other stakeholders who want to minimize their environmental impact. Whether it is the creation of a scenography or the renovation of a building complex, we will accompany you from conception to implementation to make your reuse concept a success: - Analysis of the existing situation and detailed reuse inventory. - Development and implementation of a reuse action plan. - Integration of the reuse approach into your bids or tenders. - Comprehensive support of design and construction projects for efficient management of existing resources. Advice on circular design and implementation of reused elements. - Search for reusable materials and elements (sourcing). Training and awareness Matériuum can also help you organize multi-day workshops in which you can be fully immersed. This allows you to experience the different challenges in the fields of construction and culture. We offer: Workshops Conferences Trainings In Situ Workshops Visits to the construction site Teaching sites Research and development Internally, new tools and procedures are regularly developed and then made available to the general public. Matériuum works with universities and colleges to provide them with concrete data to test their research results in practice. Several reports for public institutions have been accompanied and/or coordinated. The association is active in numerous think tanks aimed at promoting the practice of reuse at both the cantonal and federal levels.