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Per Maison

Dismantling and resale of materials

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Avenue de Longemalle 23,
1020 Renens (VD)
, Switzerland


021 624 37 47


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About us

Pro maison is a local service provider specializing in the retail of disassembled and recycled parts for the home. The main activities are the dismantling of kitchens and bathrooms for private clients and companies, as well as the related work. Items in good condition pass through the workshop to be cleaned and upgraded. Items that deserve a little repair are restored at a low cost, if possible. The workshop is equipped with some carpentry machines. This allows us to remake some pieces or pieces of wood that are worn or broken. If necessary, we can also apply a coat of paint or varnish. Once the items are reassembled, repaired and/or painted, they are displayed directly in the Promaison store for sale. Items that are too worn and unsaleable will be broken down by material group and disposed of at the recycling center. The JECOS (Youth and Social Cohesion) in Yverdon-les-Bains as well as several architectural firms have commissioned us with various works. La fondation "Pro Travail", créée en 2009, réintègre les personnes éloignées du marché du travail tout en leur permettant d'avoir une activité au sein d'une entreprise. By 2021, with the SDE-Pro-Travail program, 25% of our employees will be placed on the primary market. Within the framework of the SDE-Pro-Travail program, the two companies "Promaison" and "Propublics" employed 15 workers in average.


  • Disassembly Any room: house, kitchen, public corporation