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baubüro in situ AG (Zurich)

We plan on site. With the people, with the stock, with the environment.




Hohlstrasse 400,
8048 Zurich,


+41 61 337 84 00


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About us

Office specializing in the conversion of buildings and the reuse of building elements. We plan on site. With people, with the existing stock, with the environment. We reinstall components on the spot. Material that is no longer needed in one place is used to create something new elsewhere. This cycle saves energy and pays tribute to the beauty of what exists. We transform. Continuous change is our program. We accompany transformations of areas and buildings. We build on the history of each place. We think modularly. In modular design, we focus on the aesthetics of the essential and encourage individual appropriation. We expand simple units - according to versatile and changing needs. We rebuild. Instead of tearing down and starting over, we build on what exists. Through careful adjustments, we adapt historic buildings for current and future uses.