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Switzerland: An Outline

2022-09-03 - 2022-10-23


An exhibition by Countdown 2030 and S AM Swiss Museum of Architecture

Every second, over 500kg* of construction waste is produced in Switzerland through the demolition of buildings. The construction industry is therefore responsible for 84%* of the waste in Switzerland.
Which buildings are destroyed and how much resources are lost in the process? What is the motivation of the owners? What role do laws and standards play? And what does this mean for our environment and our future? The Countdown 2030 association gets to the bottom of these questions.

Demolition Atlas Switzerland
In Switzerland, more than 500kg are demolished per second. Where does this mass come from? What kind of buildings are being demolished? The Demolition Atlas of Switzerland aims to answer these questions.
The entries in the atlas form, among other things, the basis for the exhibition 'Switzerland: A Demolition'.

The S AM Swiss Museum of Architecture and the young association 'Countdown 2030' are looking for donations for the exhibition 'Switzerland: A Demolition'. For a sustainable future, rethinking is now the order of the day. Get involved as well and support the project with a contribution.
Learn more and donate!